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All About K9’s on the Wildside 

Experienced Animal Trainers

Sharing your home with an animal can be a dream or a nightmare. Making sure your animal is well trained will give both of you more time to enjoy each other’s company. Our modern training system is full of fun techniques that will give you and your pet a happier life together.Hoopers on the Wildside was founded in 2019 and has developed a very special reputation with our customers and their furbabies in Scotland. We believe that teaching the dog through shaping methods is the most effective way to train as they are choosing to give the owner the desired behaviour. We do not believe or condone in any sort of harsh handling of the dogs as this is not necessary under any circumstances.  Dogs, and many other animals, are social animals, who enjoy love and family life. Let’s get them out of the dog house, give them more positive re-enforcement, and turn them into another family member.

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What We Offer You and Your Pets

Proper training is an essential part of good and responsible animal care. As a professional Dog Trainer in Scotland, we have worked with all sorts of different dog breeds in different disciplines and their owners. All our training services are designed to give your dog the individual attention and care they need.

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Tug of War

Behavior Consulting

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About Hoopers

Hoopers is a fun dog sport that's ideal for dogs and owners of all ages and fitness levels. Dogs navigate a course of hoops, barrels and tunnels with the same pace and excitement as agility. But the courses are flowing and don't involve tight turns – making it accessible for everyone!

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